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Led Wireless Charging Speaker

Led Wireless Charging Speaker


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4 in 1 LED Wireless Charging Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock - G Shape Light Up Wireless Speaker Atmosphere Lamp

The Intelligent LED Table Lamp is a multifunctional device that combines a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, and LED ambient lighting. This versatile light provides convenience for your daily needs, from charging your devices to setting up the perfect atmosphere in your room. 

  • Compatible with All Cell Phone And Bluetooth Device
  • The powerful rechargeable battery party speaker will be able to play your favorite music for hours on end without any constricting cables, whether you're at an indoor dance or an outdoor event. If you keep the device charged, you can use it all day.
  • designed to be comfortable to carry with light weight, so much better for travel & hiking, light and easy to fit in your backpack, baggage. Can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • Loud volume & good bass sound quality; room filling sound, perfect for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, car, parties; streaming music or internet radio services such as Pandora and Spotify
  • Clear, full-range sound you might not expect from a compact speaker. Voice prompts make pairing your devices easier and better indication.



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