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The Triquest 8040 Amplified Antenna is designed to deliver a smooth, seamless viewing experience for your local channels. If you're looking to save money by ditching cable or want to still be able to receive local channels if your satellite or cable goes out, you're going to need an antenna for your TV. This TRIQUEST FM amplified antenna can pick up UHF and VHF TV stations as well as FM stereo radio stations. If you're after signal optimization, this antenna can be fully adjusted and offers up to 25 dB of amplification. It is capable of being tilted up to 180 degrees and will rotate 345 degrees to pick up the strongest signal possible. This TV amplified antenna is universally compatible with televisions and features a scuff-proof base. Best of all, it's easy to install: just plug into the F-connector on the back of your TV.
Triquest 8040 Amplified Antenna:
  • UHF/VHF/FM stereo
  • Satellite/cable backup of local channels
  • TV amplified antenna provides maximum signal with variable gain control
  • 5' coaxial cable connection with gold-plated f-connector for optimum signal
  • UHF loop
  • Tilts up to 180 and rotates up to 345 degrees
  • Circuitry prevents signal overload
  • Scuff-proof base protects furniture
  • Up to 25 dB amplification
  • Compatible with all TVs


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