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Xtreme Solo Bluetooth Soundbar

Xtreme Solo Bluetooth Soundbar


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About this item

  • Works With Multiple Devices: Use it with Bluetooth to connect devices to your soundbar. You can also use the 3.5 aux port to connect your phones, tablets, laptops and Blu-Ray/DVD players.
  • Dual-Speakers For The Best Experience: Our dual-speaker drivers create an immersive sound experience, regardless of what you’re connected to.
  • 4 Hours of Playtime With Rechargeable Cable: After charging with the included Micro-USB Cable, you’ll have to 4 hours of playtime from your soundbar.
  • Hands-Free Call Option: Use the built-in microphone to make hands-free calls via your connected Android or iOS Smartphones.
  • Multiple Buttons For Your Convivence: Beyond a power button, out soundbar features multiple audio control and mode selection to create the optimal experience.
  • Micro-SD Card and USB Flash Drive Support: If you’ve ever saved music to a Micro-SD Card


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